The world in 2020 is worried about the most dangerous and deadly virus of the 21st century. This virus was found just a few months ago in China. It is said that the origin of this deadly virus has been generated from Wuhan city of the Jianghan District in china. This is spread from animals and mammals like bats. The first case of COVID- 19 was found in December 2019, and the rest you all know it better. But in India, the first case was reported in Jan 2020. Most of the cases are from Maharashtra.
Here are some latest stats of March 2020 people who are affected by the coronavirus.

In India, more than 600 cases are found infected so far.
China is at the peak with 81,300 infected people and that’s so damn scaring.
Italy the country with one the best medical facilities has got more than 41,000 of cases till date and
If we talk about the USA (most powerful economy of the world) is having 10,000 plus such cases of the coronavirus.
According to the latest reports, every thousand person in a million is ill due to the disease of coronavirus. That’s not enough is growing at a very great place. This virus has covered more than 120 countries all over the world.

Symptoms of coronavirus COVID – 19

  • It is a very crucial moment for any person if anyone gets affected by the coronavirus. There are many different symptoms can be seen in the human being if he or she is covered under this disease.
  • If someone feels like a high fever or is sick it may be a severe cause of the coronavirus.
  • An individual can feel shortness of breath and can’t hold the breath and gets problems in inhaling the air inside the lungs, while the change in the medical condition as coronavirus directly affects the upper chest, throat and the sinus area of the body.
  • If you are having non – stop cough more often, this also comes under the coronavirus symptoms.
  • If any human gets the above-mentioned factors to be seen or self-recognized in the body then you should visit the doctor or nearest hospital and get the test done.
  • One can also call for help and can contact the helpline number immediately.

Precautions for coronavirus

  • This virus is spreading like fire in the jungle, so be safe and follow the below-mentioned points because prevention is always better than the cure. Never panic is such conditions like common cold, cough or sneezing. First, consult your doctor and get lab tested whether you are having coronavirus symptoms or not.
  • Stay at home as more as possible and only go in case of any emergency. This will help you not to get in touch with other people and you may be safe from this harmful coronavirus.
  • One should always wash his or her hands with soap at least for 20 to 30 seconds and regularly use a good quality sanitizer, especially which contains (alcohol content in it).
  • Always use a mask or cloth to cover your face and mouth. Don’t forget to decompose or burn your mask if you are using a disposable one.
  • Maintain at least 3 meters of distances
  • Don’t touch your hands with body parts such as nose, eyes, lips and do wash your face with Luke warm water.
  • To avoid infected from the dangerous Coronavirus an individual should avoid any type of public gathering.
  • Never ever get closer to the patient who is infected with this deadly coronavirus.
  • Use only neat and clean clothes to wear and dry them in direct contact with sunlight.

Safety is inside your Home

  • Daily broom and mop your house floors and don’t let any type of dirty material come into your house.
  • Do clean your washroom and toilets on a regular basis with healthy chemicals.
  • Sterilize all those surfaces which are used such as switches, taps, and tables chair the most and make them neat and clean.
  • Always try to take bath with hot water as much as possible because this virus can’t survive in hot conditions at the temperature above 27 degrees Celsius.
  • Do not ignore your pets as they can’t get affected by the disease of coronavirus.

Lock Down Period in India

Indian Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi Ji has announced the 21 days of lockdown period till 14th March 2020. This step is absolutely correct for the safety and security of the Indian public as well as the whole of mankind. This decision may lead to help people for not spreading coronavirus at high scale. Modi Ji has appealed to the public at 8 p.m. on 24th March 2020 on Indian national television to the whole nation not to go outside and stay at home as much as possible.
During the lockdown period for more safely Indian police service is on duty day and night. A strict order has been given to policemen to stop any public gathering and the extra crowd.

In this lockdown period not to worry about the essentials and needy items that are used daily at home because most of the shops will remain open in the day time and all the necessary and daily used items will be available. Here’s the list of the material provided on a daily basis are milk, bread, wheat flour, pulses, vegetables, and fruits. Medical shops and dispensaries will be opened all day. Local hospitals nearby you are also giving all the necessary services related to personal care and other diseases as well.

Cure of coronavirus COVID – 19

There is much of the researches going towards killing the risky virus but no one has succeeded to date. American president Donald Trump will soon announce the proper vaccine and medicine to cure coronavirus. Many national and international doctors or scientists are working day and night to discover the powerful vaccine to kill coronavirus and the hard work will soon be transformed into a better result.

The best and easy way to cure coronavirus is to Stay home Stay Safe.
We request you to be alert and always get updated via news channel and don’t believe all the fake news spreading over social media platforms like what’s the app, Facebook, Instagram, and youtube. Stay calm, use your mind Stay safe.